As-Built drawings

As-Built Drawings

An as-built drawing is a technical drawing or plan that shows the final condition of a building, structure, or system after construction is complete. It documents any changes made during the construction process and reflects the actual condition of the building, structure, or system as it exists. 

As-built drawings are important for verifying that construction was completed according to the original design and specifications. They are used in a variety of industries to maintain accurate records of the physical plant and to inform future maintenance, repairs, or upgrades.

Industry Applications

As-built drawings are an important documentation tool in a variety of industries. These drawings are created after construction is completed and show the final, as-built condition of the structure or facility. Here are some common industry applications for as-built drawings:


We provide comprehensive reporting for all our as-built drawings, including detailed, models, floorplans and other documentation that accurately reflect the current condition of your project. 

This reporting is designed to be easy to understand and invaluable to our clients. 

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