3D Laser Scanning for Construction

What is Construction 3D Laser Scanning?

Construction 3D laser scanning is a process that involves the use of a laser scanner to capture information about the surfaces and structures of a building. The equipment sends out a laser beam that bounces off the surfaces of the structure and returns to the scanner, this data is then used to create a 3D digital model of the object. The resulting model can be used for various purposes, including design and renovation, documentation, and quality control.

Construction sites are a mess, both literally and figuratively. One of the quickest ways to eliminate design messes is by acquiring an as-built drawing. As-built drawings provide critical information because they provide a detailed record of the completed construction project, showing the exact location and dimensions of all elements that were built.

At Arc measures, this process has been reduced from several days to mere hours using 3D Laser Scanning technology and BIM Models. Our experts can help you make your most complex construction project simple.

Benefits of 3D Laser scanning

Reduce Costs

3D Laser Scan technology allows for our clients to reduce their costs by obtaining accurate information from the very beginning of the project- eliminating the need for site revisits. This data can be used to create highly accurate 3D models and can also be used for analysis and simulation, which can help ensure that designs and renovations are based on accurate information This also provides a more efficient process, as there is less back and forth with old and new data, which can help prevent errors and reduce the need for rework. Laser scans also reduce the time required for data collection and analysis.

Improve Safety

As-builts created with 3D Laser Scans also improve safety by reducing the need for workers to access hazardous areas, such as confined spaces or high roofs. Lastly, they create better visualization through the provision of a detailed visual representation of a building or structure, which can help architects and designers better understand the space and plan for renovations or modifications.

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Our Process

Arc Measurements’ highly trained team works astutely with each client to ensure their project needs are met with optimal solutions. One of our surveyors will scan the site using the 3D Laser Scan, which will record hundreds of thousands of data points, creating a highly detailed 3D rendering of the site. Next one of our in-house engineers will create 3D deliverables within a point cloud, making sure they’re meticulously inspected before sharing with our clients. These deliverables give our clients the ability to share, plan, design, and construct their projects.

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Here at Arc Measurements we are dedicated to making your complex situation simpler, and providing high quality models and data in a timely manner. Whether before, during, or after, we’re happy to provide the information needed to ensure a smoother process for your project. Contact us today to receive a customized quote for your specific project

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