As Built Drawings for Architects

As built drawings for Architects

Using high-end technology operated by our experts, ARC Measurements is able to provide Highly accurate As built Drawings for architectural ‘as-builts’ that provide clarity, accuracy, and assurance, for all your designs, renovation, and commercial tenant improvements. Big or small we scan it all.

Done by professionals, for professionals

We use highly accurate 3D Laser Scanning and various other tools to develop and map out new or as built construction projects

For New Construction

As built drawings are usually completed throughout the project and at the end to verify the accuracy of the build. They serve as a crucial form of documentation for both the designer and builder of a project because it serves as solid proof of the finished product when combined with the original construction documents.

Renovations and Tenant Improvements

As built Drawings for existing structures are required by Architects, Engineers and designers for many reasons.

Whether you’re redesigning a luxury residential property, preserving an historic building or completing tenant improvement on an existing commercial space, as built drawings are a necessary part of the redesign process.

No As built is the same

Our years of working with Architects, and designers has given us an appreciation and understanding of the specific needs of the industry. No two projects are the same and each designer may request different areas of a property to be shown and measured, reflected on the as-built drawing.

3D laser scanning & Architectural as built drawings

The combination of 3D Laser scanning and point cloud data to capture the site details gives the client a highly accurate depiction of the property as the laser scanner will record millions of data points, creating a highly detailed 3D point cloud rendering of the site.

Point cloud data is then processed using specialized software to create a 3D model of the scan area; this model can be used to generate accurate as-built drawings and other visualizations, including floor plans, 3D models, virtual tours, BIM models and other information that is critical to the completion of a construction process.


Why is this beneficial

As built drawing completed by a 3D laser scanning technology saves you time, money, and the headache of needing to return to a site for additional measurements or photographs.

Architectural Applications

3D laser scanning technology is a powerful tool that can help architects and designers accurate as-built drawings, 3D models, and visualizations. Architects can make better-informed decisions and plan projects more effectively using the highly detailed information about existing conditions.

Allow us at Arc Measurements to free up your time and energy and put our experts to use for you. Using the latest technology, we provide precise and accurate data from start to finish for all your architectural needs.

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