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Mechanical Room 3D Laser Scanning

Using cutting-edge technology operated by our skilled technicians, 3D Laser Scans have made a world of difference in the design, operation, and maintenance of mechanical systems.

Our team of highly trained professionals will ensure that you get a top-notch mechanical room scan and drawings tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need as-built surveys or BIM models, we have the skills and expertise to deliver accurate and reliable results.

What is a Mechanical Survey

Mechanical surveys involve the collection of exact data to ensure that the mechanical systems within a building or industrial site are functioning correctly and efficiently. The accuracy of the survey is critical to identifying any issues or inefficiencies and providing solutions to address them.

Using 3D Laser Scanning, we at Arc Measurements have the ability to scan, within buildings, systems such as structural, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, fire protection and plumbing features to piece together a precise as-built drawing or 3D rendering of your site.

Who Uses Mechanical 3D Laser Scan Surveys

Here's how a 3D laser scanner typically works in a mechanical survey

The 3D laser scanner is set up in the area where the mechanical system is located. It is positioned so that it can capture a 360-degree view of the system.

The laser scanner emits a laser beam that bounces off the mechanical system and returns to the scanner. Measurements form by the time it takes for the laser to return, which allows it to calculate the distance between the scanner and the mechanical system. This process is repeated multiple times from different angles to capture a dense cloud of data points that represent the surface of the mechanical system.

The data points captured by the laser scanner are processed to create a 3D model of the system. Our advanced software is used to align and combine the data points into a cohesive model that accurately represents the complex mechanics.

The 3D model created by the scanner can be analyzed to identify problems, evaluate the condition and performance of the system, and plan maintenance and repairs. It can also be used to design improvements if necessary.

Industry Applications

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With our services, you can be assured that your mechanical site will be accurately and thoroughly surveyed, providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions about your facility. 
So, whether you need a mechanical survey for a renovation, retrofitting, or a maintenance project, our team of experts is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your mechanical surveying needs.

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